's Review of "The Prayer"
"The Prayer" is a contemporary Christian solo piano album featuring heartfelt compositions of praise written and performed by Charlie Miller. Charlie is a well-accredited musical instructor and accompanist who can be linked to big names in the religious music world. This album goes beyond the experience of beautiful piano lines and progressions as the tracks seem to exude an uplifting and heartwarming energy. The sound quality is impeccable, as you will experience every auditory detail and feel as though it's just you, Charlie, and a piano. Highlights include the opener, "Tell Me The Stories Of Jesus," which begins with a delicate line and evolves into a beautiful and inspiring progression. "He's Been Faithful" features some beautiful tinkling of the ivories and weighs back and forth between delicateness and power. "Pie Jesu" takes the mood in a slightly different direction and is equally as beautiful in its intent of holy thankfulness. With “The Prayer,” Charlie Miller has created an inspiring instrumental praise and worship album great for those looking for a musical medium for spirituality. If you enjoy beautiful jazz-rooted spiritual piano compositions, this album will be a great addition.
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